Annelies Morlion
Director, CEO, ex-airline pilot
Annelies started her flying career in 2001.  She worked for charter company Sobelair based in Brussels until 2004.  She moved on to Easyjet where she resigned from her position as Captain in April 2014 after 10 years of commercial flying. Annelies is director of Applicate Ltd and is in charge of running the company on a daily basis. She is responsible for everything that is not programming. Her time as a sales secretary before starting flight school and her management skills as a captain have given her tools and skills to make a success of this company.

Peter Lundkvist
Director, programmer and airline pilot
Peter worked in the IT business for 10 years when he decided to hand in his notice and apply to flight school.  He currently holds the position of Captain with one of Europe’s leading airlines.  He developed Airports in his spare time when he found it necessary and helpful to have all the information needed for his flights in one place. Also a director for Applicate Ltd, Peter regularly works on improving the app based on his own experience and that of Airports users.